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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Interview with Peter Bullimore - Podcast

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Leeds Book Club is delighted to have the chance to chat with Peter Bullimore.

Peter was the Guest Speaker at the Sharking Stories launch at Leeds Central Library last month. Peter represented the Hearing Voices Network, and spoke eloquently, honesty and humorously about his experiences. Peter had been a successful business and family man until his mental health deteriorated and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. For the following eight years, Peter became a ‘revolving door’ patient – in and out of various mental health services.

Peter now divides his time now between chairing the Sheffield Hearing Voices Network, the Paranoia Network – a self help organisation for people experiencing extreme paranoia – which he co-founded and is the business manager of Asylum – a magazine for democratic psychiatry. 

In his spare time, Peter and his voices have collaborated on a children’s book entitled ‘A Village called Pumpkin'. 

Unfortunately, I have a horrible cold at the moment, so sound bunged up and raspy. Peter had a very strange feedback thingy that kicked in every now and again so there are occasional echoes throughout. However, we had a terrific conversation and IMHO it's worth the effort!

Quelle surprise, we managed to behave so I think I can skip our usual language and spoilers warnings. Huzzah for us! 








Learn more about the Hearing Voices Network HERE Learn more about the National Paranoia Network HERE where you can also pick up a copy of his book!
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