“Let us read, and let us dance;
these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”


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The corner for AVIDREADER (and sometimes BOOKELF)to let their hair down, crack open a bottle of wine, and tell it like it really is.

Which usually means that we describe the book, then rant about the bits we didn't like, swoon over the bits we did, and involves at least one moment of total confusion!

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We DISCUSS the books, in detail. To be honest, not expecting spoilers sort of seems to miss the point of the podcast...but, there you go, consider your self warned...

Every now and again it gets a bit ripe. Then when we realise that we've been swearing, we usually end up swearing some more. But only in the most humorous of way...mostly...








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We've only just discovered this wonderful site and are looking forward to sharing mini-adventures on the go with you here!

Our Podcasts aren't going anywhere and the Elf and I will continue to take more indepth (!) look at books there. These will be more for little bits and pieces that happen in and around Leeds. Mostly with a literary theme, but I'm hoping to include all sorts of everything!

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