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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Giraffe LBC - Our First Meeting!

I made this: Avid Reader at 8:51 pm

#Giraffe LBC

Venue: Giraffe Bar and Grill
Date:  Tuesday 12th of June 2012
Time:  6pm - 7pm
Address: 6 Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5RW
Tel: (0113) 244 1500

LeedsBookClub is delighted to announce the first meet up for the brand-spanking-new Dystopian Book Club at Giraffe Bar and Grill!

Dystopian Literature - (Definition via WIKIPEDIA)
The utopia and its offshoot, the dystopia, are genres of literature that explore social and political structures. Utopian fiction is the creation of an ideal world, or utopia, as the setting for a novel. Dystopian fiction is the opposite: creation of a nightmare world, or dystopia. 
Many novels combine both, often as a metaphor for the different directions humanity can take in its choices, ending up with one of two possible futures. Both utopias and dystopias are commonly found in science fiction and other speculative fiction genres, and arguably are by definition a type of speculative fiction.
It would be lovely to meet up with everyone next Tuesday and have a chat about the Book Club and the sort of books we're looking forward to reading! We'll also select the first book!

If you can't make it but would like to come to future #GiraffeLBC's, then let me know (either comment below, email or tweet me!) just so I have an idea about numbers!

Book the First: To Be Decided!

Find fellow members on twitter by searching for #GiraffeLBC.

Follow @GiraffeTweet for details on the deliciousables and their projects nationwide (which this month include an awesome #GiraffesCantDance giveaway!).

Let me know your thoughts by either tweeting me @LeedsBookClub, commenting below or emailing me at leedsbookclub@gmail.com

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Anonymous said...

Two thoughts occurred simultaneously here:

1. Ooh, dystopia book club! I love me a good dystopica - can't make the first group, but will deffo get involved :)

2. You're starting *another* book club? Lady, you have a problem...Do we need to drag you off to Compulsive Book Groupers Anonymous? ;)

Avid Reader on 7 June 2012 at 17:27 said...

I know!!!! It's all a bit mad.

In my defense this runs every two months.
And I've been totally asking for help.


Oh dear.


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