“Let us read, and let us dance;
these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Setting the Tone

I made this: Avid Reader at 6:18 pm

In the year and a half I've been running these book clubs across Leeds, its been inspiring to meet so many wonderful people - from all around the country and of varying ages, genders, orientations - coming together to talk about books.

One of the defining features (and I've mentioned this here) is that everyone has always engaged with the three book clubs in a very positive and respectful way. Even where opinions differ wildly, we always keep the chatter friendly and open.

I'm aware that there has been a nasty interaction at one of our fellow social-clubs in Leeds. While I don't expect anything like that to happen with us; I think it's important to offer the following reassurance, hopefully without getting all sanctimonious. 

Leeds Book Club is a safe environment. 

Anyone who sets out to make another person uncomfortable or threatened will be asked to leave.

Right. That's that then. Back to the books! 



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