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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Reading Mojo, Mount TBR Reading Challenge

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Recently, I've started to feel a little like I've lost my reading mojo. Whilst my fellow LeedsBookClubbers happily rave about the books they're loving, the last few weeks I've found nothing that really, y'know, gripped me.

I've got a massive pile of half-reads that I've hidden under my bed to stop me feeling so guilty about them. I even tried re-reading my favourite book (that I've requested for World Book Night, keep those fingers crossed people) I Capture The Castle, but still came out feeling blah.

I am loving AR's Cannongate Challenge posts, and feel like a good challenge is something I need to really bring the spark back into my reading. So I'm signing myself up to a couple.

The first is the Mount TBR Reading Challenge, run by (appropriately named) Reader's Block. I have a real addiction to buying books, and the book swaps I run and the libraries I work in usually mean I end up with a ridiculous TBR list. I'd say a good third to a half of the books on my shelves at home I haven't actually read, which makes me feel awful, so this challenge, no loans, no new buys, just books bought prior to 2012 seem perfect to me, and I'm going to start it now.

I'm going for the Mt. Ararat option, of 40 books from my TBR pile, because that seems like an attainable number, and also I like the name Ararat. I know what I'm like and the buying/borrowing/book-clubbing ain't gonna stop!

Anyone caring to join me, please feel free!

Happy Reading

BookElf xxx


Anonymous said...

It feels as though we're in such a similar place, even down to a shared favourite book. I have so many un-read books gathering dust in my tiny house making me feel guilty, even as I carry on buying new ones! So, book club choices aside, a year of just reading the books I already have in the house would be a great, not to mention economical one for me to take in 2012 too!

Bev Hankins on 10 November 2011 at 12:30 said...

Welcome to the challenge! So glad to have you join us!


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