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Monday, 10 October 2011

Rating System

I made this: Avid Reader at 8:21 pm
So, I've been asked to suggest a sort of basic breakdown for the scoring system. 

This is MUCH harder for me than it should be, primarily because there are actually two criteria that are equally important to us as a club:

1) whether it is well written, structured and articulated
2) whether the plot grips, transports and/or fascinates us. 

I guess that the easy way would be to take both into consideration:

1-2  both the plot and writing are diabolical
3-4  one really sucks; the other is palatable
5-6  one is decent; the other is slightly better than that
7-8  one is great; the other just not quite
9-10 both the plot and writing are superlative

It seems to me pretty dry, lacking a certain pizazz or flare of imagination. 

So, I'm appealing to y'all. If anyone has a better more book based system that they think would work for us, please Please PLEASE let me know!


Stephen said...

Could you record a score for each criteria?

Then you could add them together for an overall score if required.


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