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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chris Nickson - Best Books 2011!!!

I made this: Unknown at 2:44 am
Chris Nickson has been named as one of the

Cold Cruel Winter has been listed on Library Journal as one of it's must reads of the year.

Well colour us not surprised at all

When we reviewed this book a few month ago (here) we highlighted the authentic and wonderful Leeds setting and superb writing skills of one of 'our' authors!

LeedsBookClub would like to congratulate Chris and raise a glass (of wine, red, preferably Merlot) in his honour!! 
Well done mate! 

A tremendous achievement!!! 

We look forward to reading the next exciting installment in the Richard Nottingham series - The Constant Lovers. 

And to be purely self-serving, we'd like to remind people - an exclusive short story 'Home' is available here!!

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Chris Nickson

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